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Hello, I'm Jeanette, and I'm deeply passionate about the world of real estate. I have a wealth of experience and hold licenses in both real estate sales, where I expertly represent both buyers and sellers, and as a licensed mortgage broker. This diverse background equips me with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, enabling me to guide my clients seamlessly through every aspect of their real estate journey.

During my free time, I find immense joy in exploring my creative side. Art, music, cooking, and baking are my avenues for self-expression. I believe that creativity and attention to detail are invaluable assets in the real estate industry. When working with my clients, I draw upon my artistic flair to help them envision the potential of their new homes and explore innovative ways to enhance their property values.

I thrive on tackling creative and complex financing challenges to ensure that my buying clients can turn their dreams of homeownership into reality. Finding the perfect financing solution for each unique situation is a puzzle I enjoy solving. Ultimately, I'm committed to helping my clients achieve their real estate goals while infusing the process with creativity, passion, and a touch of artistic inspiration.

My Real Drive & Passion

Empowering Families Through Homeownership:

A Journey from Healthcare to Real Estate

During my tenure in healthcare administration, I invested countless hours of hard work, often sacrificing my evenings and weekends to ensure the smooth operation of healthcare facilities. These experiences taught me the value of dedication, diligence, and the importance of making informed decisions, both in my professional and personal life.

One significant milestone in my personal journey was becoming a homeowner before the onset of the pandemic. As I settled into my new home, I couldn't help but observe how the real estate industry had positively impacted my life. It was not only a place to call my own but also an investment that offered financial stability and the potential for long-term growth.

This newfound appreciation for the real estate market stirred a desire within me. I wanted to extend a helping hand to more families and individuals, guiding them towards the incredible advantages of homeownership. I firmly believed that owning a home could be a transformative experience, providing not only a sense of security but also a path to building wealth over time.

My goal became clear: to share my knowledge and experiences, ensuring that more people could make informed decisions about their housing options. I wanted to help families transition from the cycle of renting to the world of homeownership, where they could establish roots, build equity, and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with owning a home.

By combining my passion for real estate with my dedication to helping others, I embarked on a journey to make a positive impact on the lives of those seeking to realize the dream of homeownership. My experiences in healthcare administration had taught me the importance of serving others, and now, in the realm of real estate, I aimed to continue that spirit of service by empowering individuals and families to achieve their housing goals.

Realize Your Vision, Own The Space. F*CK Inflation

George Owens

Working with Jeanette was an absolute pleasure. Their expertise and dedication to finding us the perfect home made the entire process seamless. They were attentive to our needs, quick to respond, and went above and beyond to negotiate on our behalf. We couldn't be happier with our new home, and it's all thanks to Jeanette!

Kim Wexler

Jeanette is a true professional in the real estate world. They made our first-time home buying experience stress-free and enjoyable. Their knowledge of the market, patience, and willingness to answer all our questions was remarkable. We highly recommend Jeanette to anyone looking for a top-notch real estate agent.

James Cart

We had the privilege of working with Jeanette to sell our property, and we couldn't be more satisfied. Their marketing strategy was outstanding, resulting in a quick sale at a great price. Jeanette was always accessible, communicated clearly, and provided expert guidance throughout the process. If you're buying or selling a home, Jeanette is the agent you want by your side!

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Realize Your Vision, Own The Space.

F*CK Inflation.

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